What the Heck is Coffin Furniture?

coffin sofa  I love the questions we get.  Not because the questions are laughable, but because they have to be asked because the funeral industry, in an effort to make things sound less ”morbid” or ”frightening” has gone a long way to make very simple things complicated.  Granted, maybe this particular one has more to do with the field of design, but it sill makes me smile.

So, when planning a funeral, I inevitably hear “What the heck is coffin furniture?”

Actually, when planning a funeral, it has nothing to do with actual furniture in your home such as you see in the lovely coffin sofa above 😉

It is simple and straightforward, really:  Coffin furniture refers to the handles and design elements such as crosses, symbols, and designs.  These may also be referred to as “fittings.”

While we are at it:  The use and design of fabric within the coffin is known as “Trimmings.”  Yet rather than trimming say a tree or a turkey, you are trimming the casket or furniture.

As one woman put it, “When you call it coffin furniture, you expect it to cost more.  But when you call it putting a handle on there, you expect a more honest reflection of value in the pricing. I mean, how many times will those handles ever be used?”