TRAINING DATES 2016 – 2017

July 8, 2016

Check out ALL of our 2016-2017 class offerings below.Includes Complete 6-in-1 Death Doula Training, Modified 5-in-1 Death Doula Training, and Birth Bereavement Training dates, tuition, and details – scroll all the way down to review the different courses (If you are looking for non-doula classes, such as individual life review, self-care for the care professional, etc, click here) :


This is a *MODIFIED* version of our Complete 6-in-1 Death Doula Professional Training, with limited admission, and significantly lower tuition. In this course the instructor will provide weekly group feedback, as opposed to individual in-depth discussion feedback of the Complete 6-in-1 Death Doula Training, plus it has one less competency area (five instead of six areas), and no coaching or teleconferences, though you could add coaching sessions separately. This structure allows us to dramatically reduce tuition on this offering. You will still receive access to a self-directed version of the Business Quick Start Class.

This 16 week program trains you in 5 Competencies:

  • End-of-Life Doula
  • Death Doula
  • Death Midwife
  • Mourning Doula
  • Professional Re-Organizer/Post Loss Artifact Organizer

It also includes:

  • Access to a self-directed version of the six week Business Quick Start training, in pdf format.

This session will require less assignments than our regular training program, and will likely require 2 hours per week less time commitment than our regular training.

October 2016: LIMITED CLASS: 15 students – October 2, 2016. Tuition $1,450 (Enroll by June 20th and receive a $400 Early Enrollment Discount; Enroll by August 10th and receive a $250 Early Enrollment Discount). October 9 – Feb 12 (no class Thanksgiving Week; no class last two weeks of 2016). APPLICATION DEADLINE: August 15, 2016

March 6, 2017. Tuition: $1,450 (early enrollment discount of $350 if you enroll by July 15, 2016; early enrollment discount of $200 if you enroll by October 20, 2016).  15 seats. Class is 16 weeks long but you may take up to 17 weeks to complete, allowing some flexibility for vacation or holiday plans. APPLICATION DEADLINE: January 15, 2017

October 3, 2017. Tuition $1,45o (early enrollment discount of $350 if you enroll by January 20, 2017; early enrollment discount of $200 if you enroll by April 10, 2017). 15 seats. training is 16 weeks long but will run for 19 weeks as there will be no training during Thanksgiving week or the last two weeks of 2017.  We ask that if you have alternate travel or holiday plans, to make up any classes missed by the end of the training. APPLICATION DEADLINE: August 20, 2017


SPECIAL EDITION OF THE FULL 6-in-1 Training for Certification – 2017 OPEN TO TEN STUDENTS ONLY!

Laura is offering a deluxe version of the Complete 6-in-1 Death Doula Training in 2017, open to just ten students. The course trains you in all six competency areas:

  • End-of-Life Doula
  • Death Doula
  • Mourning Doula
  • Death Midwife
  • Professional Re-Organizer/Post Loss Artifact Organizer
  • “What’s next?” post loss coachAnd prepares you to:
  • Host death and end-of-life discussion groups and information session
  • Includes: Instructor led Six Week Business Quick Start Class in addition to 20 week training program, 4 online teleconferences, and 2 life phone-based coaching sessions with Laura PLUS access to a self-directed class on Creating Amazing Info Sessions.

This session involves lots of individualized instructor attention in the online classroom, with extensive feedback. Again, Laura will only be accepting ten students. We encourage you to apply early.  Class is 20 weeks long, followed by 6 week Business Quick Start and the self-directed Creating Amazing Info Sessions course, and includes the two phone-based coaching sessions, and the teleconferences. 

Class Start Date: January 8, 2016. Online. Tuition: $3,150 (Early Enrollment discount of $500 if you enroll by June 15, 2016; Early Enrollment Discount of $250 if you enroll by September 20, 2016). Class is 20 weeks long, but you will have 22 weeks to complete it, to allow for any vacation or travel plans students may have. Business Quick Start Class will begin only after class has passed Qualifying Exam for the Six Certification areas.  APPLICATION DEADLINE: October 18, 2016

*******************************************Birth Bereavement Training Class

Train to provide post-miscarriage and stillbirth support, and doula support during stillbirth delivery. This twelve week course includes not only doula training, but life coaching applied training, as well. Provides the following:

Certification in the following Competencies:

  • Stillbirth doula support
  • Post-miscarriage & stillbirth bereavement support
  • “What’s next?” post loss coaching

And learn how to:

  • Host info sessions
  • Host bereavement buddy sessions

Start Date: February 21, 2016 Tuition $650


Start Date: May 19, 2016

* Terms and conditions apply. **Plus four open spots.