October 20, 2019


Liberty For All

This free offering is the result of my desire to make important life-changing tools and knowledge available to all, or at least, to most. The obvious solution is to make the basics of the Momdoulary Method Death Doula theory and practice available at no cost.

If you wish to provide End-of-life and Death Doula support to friends and family, this course will give you the basics. You’ll learn how to provide basic doula support to someone exploring end-of-life considerations, basic death doula support, and basic mourning doula and home funeral doula support and education.

Course Description:

Not ready for our Complete 6-in-1 Death Doula Training For Certification or Modified 5-in-1 Training,but want to begin working with family and friends as a death doula? Then our Project Liberty Death Doula Certificate Course, which reflects our investment in cultural education related to death and end-of-life support and education, may be the right fit for you. 

Built around the unique coaching-based doula methodology found in our Complete 6-in-1 and Modified 5-in-1 Trainings, this is a self-directed ten-week online class, which will provide the basics of end-of-life and death doula basics, plus an introduction to home funeral doula support. This is a “lite” version of our trainings in these areas, but you may well find it suits your needs. If you find you want to take your work deeper, completion of this course will allow for a $500 discount from our 5-in-1 and 6-in-1 death doula trainings. You can also opt to take add on courses in the areas of Life Review Intensive, Self-Care for Care Professionals, Death Doula Discernment, and Creating Amazing Info Sessions to Market Your Business for only $99 per course, and the Business Quick Start Course for Doulas, for only $129, a special discount for those who have participated in the Project Liberty Program. 

This training walks you through  the basics of providing support in three areas:

  1. End-of-Life Doula – an introduction to providing physical, emotional, and informational Doula support to healthy and infirm individuals as they explore end-of-life options, how to document them, and how to begin discussing their choices with loved ones.
  2. Death Doula – an introduction to providing physical, emotional, and informational Doula support to those dying. Learn how to hold death preparation meetings, and receive an introduction to the basics of our powerful Life Review Process  so you you help your clients create powerful connections across their life story, enabling them to write even more powerful closing chapters; learn how to provide support at a death vigil, and how to support loved ones who are present.
  3. Mourning Doula – providing physical, emotional, informational, educational, and logistical Doula support to families who have just lost a loved one. Prepare to provide Doula support and advocacy as family moves through the hours and days following a loss. You can provide protection at this sensitive time, and provide useful information while supporting the family as they make more deeply conscious decisions in their time of grief, helping ensure they explore and execute best-fit choices for funeral, disposition, and a meaningful goodbye for the person they are grieving. Class covers enough elements of our Home Funeral Doula training to enable you to provide basic Doula support for home funerals, too.
    The Momdoulary Project Liberty Death Doula Certificate could be your key to starting down the path toward a more empowered engagement with life and death, and an ability to support those you love during some of the most important moments of their lives, while also allowing you to explore whether or not this is potentially a goodcareer path for you. It will allow you to combine any or all of the skills you learn in order to provide flexible service and support options as you begin working as a Death Professional.


  1. Training covering basic Mourning Doula, Death Doula, and End-of-Life Doula training
  2. An introduction to burial, natural burial, direct burial, home burial, cremation, direct cremation, alkaline hydrolysis, and other alternative options
  3. A brief history of modern funeral industry
  4. An introduction to The Momdoulary Doula Ethics, standard of practice, and more
  5. Memorial options
  6. The Funeral Rule
  7. Understanding providing support during the early hours of grief
  8. Researching & understanding your local rules, laws, options, and implied rules
  9. Exploration of rites and rituals surrounding death and the funeral industry, including cultural awareness
  10. Understanding add-ons and options (flowers, caskets, urns, and more)
  11. Basics of Self-Care in the Grieving Period
  12. Providing support for the home funeral
  13. The Life Review Process
  14. Providing Doula support at the death vigil
  15. Introduction to Understanding & Utilizing the Coaching Model
  16. Boundary setting for coaches & doulas
  17. And much more!


It may be simpler to show you some of what is not included in this training, Keep in mind, this program is basically for someone wanting to provide support to friends and family — the theory is that you are not taking this course to work full-time, so I’m giving you the fast basics; if you are looking to be a professional doula, this course is a great place to begin, but I suggest you follow it up with a tuition based program for professionals. Ok — so what is NOT in this program:

  • You’ll have the basic skills upon completing training, but not as much of the theory and philosophy behind those skills — but you will have the Basic gist of it..
  • The Momdoulary Coaching Model is a key element of our doula strive model; you will be introduced to it, and have some practice exercises, but you will not explore it as extensively as a student in our professional course would.
  • The Momdoulary Life Review Process is one of our most popular areas of support; you will be introduced to the basics of it, but again, it does not go into the level you would explore in the professional training. However, if you were interested, you could enroll in a short form self-directed version of Life Review Intensive, to gain greater mastery over the process. While this is a wonderfully useful tool, it is more for the professional doula, and requires more expansive study to really master it.
  • You won’t have all the bells and whistles a professional doula training covers, such as creating business packages, business structure, marketing and promotion, backup support, self-care for the doula professional, record-keeping, agreements and troubleshooting, insurance, legal disclaimers, etc (though this course does cover a few basics to consider in order to protect yourself from liability— but you will have to assume responsibility for ensuring you are properly covered in your locale).
  • This course is entirely self-directed; you won’t have direct engagement with the instructor, but you WILL have a significant amount of material, and you will have an automated response to your answers in class, so if you make an error, you will learn what the proper answer was, and why. This class IS intensive, and you will find nearly all the content of our former 3-in-1 End-of-Life and Death Doula Training program here, tuition-free.

If you are looking to work as a doula, you are encouraged to enroll in one of our full-program courses following this training — you will receive a $500 discount on the tuition for either the 5-in-1 Modified Death Doula Training, or the Complete 6-in-1 Death Doula Training, regular or Special Edition, if you’ve successfully completed the Project Liberty training. The tuition-based courses will take you even deeper into the material, provide instructor engagement, and introduce you to the business side of the material, while also adding on 2 or 3 more areas of certification, providing a more comprehensive scope of offerings; the tuition-based coursesalso offer Momdoulary Method Certification, which can help demonstrate a scope and standard of practice for your clients; the Project Liberty Class DOES NOT offer Momdoulary Method Certificaiton, but it DOES provide a Certicate of Completion, demonstrating you’ve completed the training.

* This is a certificate class, not a certification training. Upon completion you will receive a certificate stating you have satisfactorily completed the Momdoulary Project Freedom Death Doula Training. You can technically use these skills to work in the field (so long as you meet any local area licensing requirements; only a small number of areas require licensing at this time), though we do recommend you take our fuller training, to provide more comprehensive support. Completion of this training will allow you to list on your website and in promotional materials that you are a graduate of our program, but you cannot state that you are “Certified” in our method. 

For many, however, this program will be enough to give them confidence in their ability to create important supports for family and family at difficult times.

* Terms and conditions apply.