Guest Post: I Am (an eco-conscious) Death Doula Part 2

Welcome to the second of a two part guest post from one of our super-star graduates, the remarkable Sylvia Sienikehä Pearlman. Sylvia is a holistic therapist, Reiki Master, hospice volunteer and certified death doula. She is the owner and founder of Soulmilk Healing Arts Studio based on the east coast of the US in Maine and on Hornby Island, British[…]

Interview with Confessions of a Funeral Director’s Caleb Wilde

I managed to find some time to catch up with my friend, the clever and engaging Caleb Wilde. If you’re reading this post, you have probably already bumped into Caleb before, either here or at his website,  where he blogs under the title Confessions Of a Funeral Director. He has also established popular Facebook[…]

Drawn to the World of Death & Mourning?

Perhaps it’s the secret you don’t share.  Or if you do, most don’t understand you’re fascination with all (or many) things death and mourning. You get that it’s strange in the eyes of most people, that we live in a culture that goes to great extremes to avoid discussing death.  Sure, people are constantly dying on[…]

Are You Ready to Take Death Back?

Do you hunger to feel more connected to life?  To feel more alive?  Even less afraid? Do you want to feel more deeply to others?  To loved ones?  To your community?   Do you ache to feel a deeper connection to God or to develop a spiritual connection? I’m going to tell you a little[…]

What’s All this Death Positive Talk?

Hey you!  Yes you, reading this!   Guess what?   We have to inform you … you are going to die.   But then again, so are we. Death.   The plight we all have in common.   100% of the people you ever meet will die.   All 100% of them.  How many other things[…]

Death: Green Is the New Black

Momdoulary’s Passages 6-in-1End-of-Life, Death & Mourning Doula & Death Midwife Training Program is proud to announce our new Green Burial Awareness Campaign called “Death: Green is the New Black”   – Check out the panel below!