Jewish Sacred Aging Interviews Our Graduate, Death & Mourning Doula Emily Pinzur

We are proud of our graduates, and we love hearing about what they’re up to! Today I’m excited to share what our graduate Emily Pinzur, of Silver Wheel Healing End Of Life Doula Care, has been up to. Emily was recently featured in a wonderful interview on The Jewish Sacred Aging Podcast. Emily – as[…]

Death Doula’s Toolbox: Herbal Education – Hawthorn is for Heartbreak (and more!)

I’m excited that 2017 will see the introduction of my new Herbal Education for Death and Mourning Doulas Program, which will wonderfully supplement our existing death and mourning doula trainings. In support of that initiative, I will be blogging about one herb each month, focusing on both scientific and/or folkloric beliefs about the use of[…]

Death Doulas In the News – Laura Interviewed by Broadly.Vice

Broadly.Vice featured an interview with Momdoulary Death Doula Training at Momdoulary, LLC, today. If you’ve ever wondered whether you should train as a death doula, or what it is like to work as a death doula, you should definitely check it out! Meet the Death Doula Who Helps People Deal with the ‘Bookends of[…]

Can Death Doulas Shield You From Bullying Around Funerals? Death Doulas Psychology Today Interview With Momomdoulary & Mourning Doula Founder

I recently had the privilege of enjoying a wonderful conversation with relational aggression/anti-bullying expert Laura Martocci, who writes for Psychology Today. Our conversation veered toward the topic of preventing bullying around end-of-life decisions and care, and funerals. She’s managed to pull that together into a wonderful article on Psychology Today – I do hope you[…]

Guest Post: I Am (an eco-conscious) Death Doula Part 2

Welcome to the second of a two part guest post from one of our super-star graduates, the remarkable Sylvia Sienikehä Pearlman. Sylvia is a holistic therapist, Reiki Master, hospice volunteer and certified death doula. She is the owner and founder of Soulmilk Healing Arts Studio based on the east coast of the US in Maine and on Hornby Island, British[…]