Mourning Jewelry Artifact – Mr. & Mrs. Washington

Another lovely piece of mourning jewelry, this contains a lock of George Washington’s hair, as well as one of Martha Washington’s hair.   Again, such a fascinating custom, and one I am so surprised to see has fallen out of fashion.   It sometimes seems that anything that connects us with death, that doesn’t just keep it ”under-the-rug-swept” is slowly but surely being done away with.  Then again, if an industry needs you to rely on it, they don’t want you to feel too connected to the reality of it, and I suspect mourning jewelry creates the kind of connection they want you to relinquish, if you are going to be a good little dependent consumer of services…

My apologies, don’t mean to be so negative, and certainly not while sharing such a lovely piece!  It just stuns me that anything that connects us to birth or death in any direct way seems to be actively being eliminated from our lives.

Anyhow, a lovely piece indeed!