September 15, 2019

Momdoulary Liberty Program

This program was geared up to launch, but I, founder of Momdoulary/Mourning Doula, became ill, and had to delay launching it. With the arrival of the Pandemic of 2020, I’ve decided to temporarily postpone all prior plans, and instead offer a series of classes on Teachable. There you will find you can take the basic end-of-life/death doula course for free, and if you are unemployed, you can take several other courses for free. Additionally, there will now be a membership option, allowing access to a number of courses and trainings under the End-of-Life Courses Membership program for as little as $20 per month, or even greater offerings under the Birth, Death, Life Membership program for $34 per month, including offerings on Birth, Death, Lifestyle Coaching, Organizing, Parenting, and Homeschooling. Click here to discover more.