Jewish Sacred Aging Interviews Our Graduate, Death & Mourning Doula Emily Pinzur

We are proud of our graduates, and we love hearing about what they’re up to! Today I’m excited to share what our graduate Emily Pinzur, of Silver Wheel Healing End Of Life Doula Care, has been up to. Emily was recently featured in a wonderful interview on The Jewish Sacred Aging Podcast.

Emily – as so many of our grads are – is not only committed to her work, but to spreading awareness of options for creating more connected and empowered relationships to end of life care, and as you can see, she’s carrying that out by making time not only for her work, but to talk with folks, spreading awareness as to how one can create better end-of-life experiences.  In addition to the podcast below, she was also recently featured in Seattle Awakenings (see pages 12 and 13) – we love when folks take notice of the work folks like Emily are doing!

You can listen to Emily’s interview with Jewish Sacred Aging at this link here – do check it out (she talks about training with us, too!), it’s definitely worth a listen!

Finally, if you’re in the Seattle area, and in need of a doula and wish to work with Emily, you can check out her website at (PLEASE NOTE: If you are interested in our training program, we ask that you not reach out to our graduates to inquire about their training experience – they are not marketing agents for our program! We receive hundreds – and when there is media coverage,  thousands – of inquiries each month, and it isn’t fair to our graduates if our featuring them here leads to their being inundated with inquiries about their training. We train them to do this sacred work with folks, and don’t want to see their time and energy levels tapped by what are essentially marketing questions!  A number of our graduates have spoken out about their training in articles and podcasts such as this, and there are endorsements on our site. Please don’t disrupt the work our grads are doing, with questions about our program! Thank you in advance for your respect and consideration).