How Do You Want to Be Remembered?

Each of us hopes to be remembered well – however we define well 🙂   Yet how is it that some live a more robust life than others, and what can you do to help ensure you have used your life to write the best story possible?

The key is to remember that we are inking the story of our lives with each and every moment, and through every action and inaction alike.  What kind of story are you writing with your life?   Your choices today will shape both your life threefold, defining your day, as well as writing a bit of your past, and shaping your future.

If you want to write the best story possible, try this little exercise:

Picture yourself many years ahead, perhaps in your early 90s or so…sitting on your porch in a cozy rocking chair, sipping some lemonade, and having a chat with the grandkids, or a friend.   What stories will you be telling them about your past?  Will they be the stories of the life you long to have lived, the life you want to be remembered as having lived?  Or will they be stories filled with regret over would’ve, should’ve, and could’ve beens?  Will you regret having logged more hours at your computer or will you have a life filled with stories about love, laughter, and adventure?

Next:  What do you have to do today, and every day hereafter, to ensure that your little vision is indeed the life you create?  You own the power to shape many, many factors of your life.  If you want to be remembered well, live the life of someone who will be.   Now, time to step away from the computer and begin living that reality now!