May 11, 2017

The Final Chapter Book Club

In response to ongoing requests for a Death and Mourning related Book Club, I am pleased to announce the formation of an online group, The Final Chapter Book Club.


  • Mid-month I will send out a newsletter to group members containing the book selection of the month (you will be responsible for obtaining a copy to read); suggestions of considerations to explore as you read the book in order to prepare for discussion; an interview with an industry professional relating to death, loss, mourning, or interesting changes in the world of death, funerals, and disposition; plus related materials and information that tie to the book. For example, if a book talks of preparing end-of-life documents, I may provide information I’ve learned as a death and mourning doula, to help simplify the process, or add information the book didn’t cover, etc.
  • I will establish a private Facebook group for members of the group – you will need to have a Facebook account in order to participate in the discussion. On the 21st of the month following delivery of the email, we will open discussion in the Facebook group, where we’ll be able to continue the discussion for a week, allowing folks to join in as is convenient to them. Yes, before the discussion begins, you will have received the next email announcing the book for the following month. This structure is to allow for folks who order books online to have time to order the book, and have time to read it before the next meeting.
  • There will be a $10 monthly membership fee to participate. Membership fee renews monthly on the date you signed up; you may cancel at any time.

I’m excited to bring this opportunity to you, as so many have expressed an interest in this option. I’m going to initially limit registration in order to ensure this doesn’t get too unwieldy. Please register below; you will receive a subscription invoice later this week.

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