July 11, 2016

End-of-Life Doula

owned image death doulaAn End-of-Life Doula works with both the healthy & the terminally ill, providing informational, physical, and emotional support as they determine details of their medical care & representation, funeral arrangements, and other end-of-life plans.  Addressing such questions now can pave the way for more joyful living, secure in the fact that you’ve taken the steps to make your wishes clear.


End-of-Life Doulas certified by Momdoulary, LLC, the premier doula training institute, are prepared to assist with all of the following:

  • Advocating to help ensure you receive full disclosure of all options, and are not swayed from your budget or wishes as you make your plans known
  • Supporting you as you plan and set in order any documents or preparations.  This could include tasks such as making phone calls and sending emails on your behalf, assisting you in the coordination of tasks, discovering details on your behalf, running errands  and more.
  • Providing informational, physical, and emotional support as you explore memorial efforts, not just with basic funerary items such as service and burial, but also activities and items such as a Memory Bowl, Collage, on-line memorial and guestbook, and other ideas you may want to consider implementing in your plans.
  • Introducing you in a non-biased way (End-of-Life Doulas do not derive profit from your purchase of any third party services) to a wide range of options you can explore, including but not limited to:
    1. Traditional burial
    2. Direct burial
    3. Cremation
    4. Direct Cremation
    5. Natural burial
    6. Home burial
    7. Alkaline Hydrolysis
    8. Space burial
    9. Eternal Reef
    10. And even Cryonics, Mummification, PlastinationPlease note:  Not all options are available in all locations, but your doula will assist you in discovering what options are available to you

If you are interested in learning how to train and certify as an end-of-life doula, click here to discover our 6-in-1 training for certification as an end-of-life doula, death doula, mourning doula, death midwife, professional re-organizer, and life coach.