Death & Mourning Doula Discernment Class: Are You Called to Serve?

July 8, 2016

discernment crossroad

Think that a career as a Death & Mourning Doula may be for you, but still on the fence about it?   This class may be for you!

Join us for a 3 week class, in which we explore all of the following:

  • Are you being called to this work?  How to begin discerning whether your fascination with this industry may be a call to pursue a new career path
  • Why are people needed in this role?  What about hospice, funeral homes, etc?
  • Are such doulas “anti” current services, such as funeral homes, embalming, traditional cemeteries, etc?
  • Understanding the Momdoulary Death Doula-Related Certifications, and how the different roles are expressed; what does it look like to work in each of these roles?
  • Why wrap all six certifications together?  Why can’t I just take the one or two I’m interested in?
  • Learn about the importance of the Momdoulary Method coaching model as the foundation for all six certifications
  • Understanding the nature and intensity of the training; are you prepared to take it on?
  • Exploring different ways to structure possible service offerings with the certifications
  • Exploring your local area market; is it ready for a Death & Mourning doula?
  • Are you ready to be self-employed?  Understanding the challenges that come with working for yourself
  • How will this work impact your lifestyle, and your family
  • Are you prepared for the work/life balance challenges of this industry?
  • Support systems
  • Plus, discover if an online learning format is for you!

The class will include the following:

  • Weekly online lesson “booklets” which introduce you to the topics
  • Podcasts – audio recordings from your instructor, founder of Momdoulary Method/CEO of Momdoulary, LLC, Laura Saba, further exploring the topics, and offering considerations you should assess carefully before making the leap
  • Articles and videos
  • Class forums, where you post your answers to assignments and questions, and discuss the topics with your instructor and classmates
  • A 30 minute coaching session once class is over, if you need additional assistance with Discernment.
  • Class fee may be credited toward enrollment in the 6-in-1 Death Doula Training program, if you enroll within 12 months of the Discernment class
  • A phone-based coaching session with Laura, our founder, to explore your questions and concerns (requires you to call her in the US)

Three weeks, $120,  Only $79 if you enroll in the next 72 hours!  AND tuition can be applied to enrollment in the Modified or Complete Death Doula Training if you enroll within 12 months of taking this course.

October 31 start-date, online

Death & Mourning Doula Discernment Class

  • Please share with us any related training or experience you have which is in any way related to this industry.
  • I understand that Momdoulary, LLC, does not discriminate, and celebrates diversity; however I also understand that they discourage pursuing a major life change in the first six months following a loss, unless this is a path I've already been on. I also acknowledge that I understand that admission to this class does not guarantee admission to the six-in-one training; that if I'm under treatment or have been diagnosed with mental health issues, it is suggested I consult with my care provider before pursuing the main training program, as the exercises can be very intense; I also acknowledge that I understand the course fee is non-refundable, and that Enrollment Agreement terms supersede those of Paypal. I also understand that the fee for Enrollment in the Discernment class may be credited toward attendance of the six-in-one training session (if I meet admission requirements) if I enroll within 18 months of the start date of the Discernment class. I hereby state I agree with all of these statements:
  • Price: $79.00