July 11, 2016

Death & Mourning Doula & Grief Coaching Classes for Lay-Ministry

Looking to grow or create a Death, Mourning & Grief Coach Lay-Ministry?   Check Us Out!

Psychotherapist helping a depressed patient at office God commands us to take care of widows and orphans. He doesn’t ask.  He doesn’t imply.  He commands.  Are you doing all you can? Our Christian based Death & Mourning Doula and “What Now?” Grief Coaching Trainings may be the answer you are looking for.   These trainings are delivered in our state-of-the-art online training environment.  Each course is 5 weeks, and includes weekly text-based lessons, videos, podcasts, handouts, interactive forums, and more. Enrollment will train your first individual; you may then add-on additional enrollees at a low-cost add-on fee, over the next 3 years.  You will also receive printable flyers, promotion cards, and more, for quick and easy outreach.    Enroll in all 3 trainings simultaneously for a generous discount.

The Benefits of The Training Are Many:

~ Lay driven

Momdoulary Passages Death & Mourning Doula programs and “What Now?” Grief Coach programs are lay-driven ministries. As a pastor or church staff member, you don’t need to invest a lot of time launching this ministry. Simply identify committed lay leaders, and your Death & Mourning ministry will become a self-sustaining font of support.

~ We Give You The Tools You Need  

A comprehensive training and leadership tools are provided. The state-of-the-art online classroom includes text lessons, videos, podcasts, handouts, written assignments, and interactive forums. It even includes a Quick Start Launch program, to walk your leaders through ministry launch.

~ Flexibility

You can create a fully comprehensive ministry, providing support during end-of-life care, loss and funeral support, or extended grief and acclimation support across the difficult months following a loss. Focus on one area, or all 3 – the choice is up to you.

~ A Great Evangelism & Outreach Tool

Momdoulary Passages Death & Mourning Doulas & Coaches will minister to the bereaved in your church. However, it is also a fantastic community outreach tool. Launch a support session, and you will discover that many who don’t yet know Christ or belong to a church will find their way to your doors. Provide this support, and you will find new members for your church – members who found their way to you at one of the most crucial, tender points of their lives.

The Trainings:

Mourning Doula for the Lay-Ministry

Our Mourning Doula training for the Lay-Ministry prepares you to:

  • Deliver the hope of the Gospel while providing tangible hands-on practical support during the most difficult days following loss
  • Learn how to provide a focused support circle within your congregation, to deliver the kind of support needed, when it is needed
  • Provide faith-based physical, emotional, and informational support from the time of loss through the funeral arrangements, and beyond
  • Understand details that need to be addressed during this time, and how to be of support to families navigating this journey
  • Learn how to structure committees to provide ongoing support
  • Advocate to help ensure individuals receive full disclosure of all options, and help them understand which things to examine as they make complicated decisions during this time of grief and overwhelm
  • Explore the variety of ways in which you can support the family in-home in the week following a death, and through the funeral
  • Providing informational, physical, and emotional support in creating any number of memorial efforts, such as a Memory Bowl, Collage, on-line memorial and guestbook, and any number of other options.
  • Mourning & Grief Coaching
  • Understanding the range of emotions following loss, including sadness, loss, guilt, relief, and more
  • Helping families navigate their options

Death Doula for the Lay-Ministry

owned image woman wiht rose at casketOur Death Doula training for the Lay-Ministry prepares you to:

  • Bring the hope of the Gospel while providing tangible practical support and physical comfort at the end of life
  • Provide useful physical, emotional, and informational support in the final days and hours of life
  • Connecting with and supporting the dying patient
  • Comfort techniques for end-of-life care
  • Administrative support for end-of-life
  • Provide informational support regarding important end-of-life options where appropriate and when within the scope of the retained relationship
  • Provide informational support regarding funeral and disposition options, where appropriate and when within the scope of the retained relationship
  • Family support of the dying
  • And much more!

“What Now?” Grief Coaching for Lay-Ministry

Our “What Now?” Grief Coaching Lay-Ministry prepares your ministers to:

  • Provide ongoing informational & emotional support as they navigate the weeks and months following loss
  • Provide one-on-one and group coaching
  • Understand the stages of grief, and the needs of individuals and families acclimating to life after loss
  • Understand tools for managing material artifacts after loss, and ways in which families can commemorate lost loved ones, while disposing of the material artifacts of their life
  • Understanding the range of emotions and behaviors during the grieving period, including sometimes unexpected (to those untrained) ones such as guilt, relief, and more.


Any of our Lay-Ministry trainings can be taken for $99 each course, which will allow for 1 students;  over the course of 3 years, additional enrollees can be added for $49 each.   You can enroll in 2 courses for a discounted total of $189 for 1 enrollees, with the $69 add-on enrollee fee for up to 3 years; or sign up for all 3 trainings for $279 for 1 enrollee, with the ability to add-on additional enrollees for a fee of $89 each for the next 3 years. If you enroll in all three, it is a condensed course that lasts 12 weeks.  Alternately, each class is 5 weeks long APPLY ONLINE NOW BY CLICKING HERE!