July 11, 2016

Death Midwife


home burial  A Death Midwife is a non-medical specialist who provides emotional & informational, and sometimes ceremonial support during home funerals. Oftentimes we see people retaining an individual as first a Death Doula, then as a Death Midwife.  Too, the role of Death Midwife and Mourning Doula can overlap, when they involve providing support as a family navigates the many decisions at end-of-life and beyond.  

Keep in mind that a home funeral is actually the true traditional funeral.  It was only during the Civil War that our ‘modern’ funeral practices of embalming bodies for preservation came into popularity, in order to offset decomposition until a soldier’s body could arrive home to their family.  Increasingly we see a trend toward home funerals in the US, and many who have taken this approach find it to be a more connected and meaningful way to send off their loved ones.  However, as most have not grown up with this experience, it can seem foreign, and a bit frightening at first.  A Death Midwife is your trained resource, there to provide support as you navigate a home funeral.   She’s there to support you emotionally and informationally, through the whole process, as you:

  • Determine what paperwork and signatures may be legally necessary
  • Prepare the body for burial including bathing, dressing, and more
  • Assess methods for preserving the body through the viewing period
  • Assess information on caskets, green, and natural burials
  • Develop a ceremony or ritual befitting your loved one
  • And address myriad other aspects of home funeral support

Knowing you have your Death Midwife by your side, you will be able to enter the home funeral process more confidently, with less stress.  At the time of your grief, the last thing you need to worry about are organizational details – having a Death Midwife by your side to answer your questions and share information, while providing physical and emotional support can dramatically improve the experience.

If you want to learn about our comprehensive training program that prepares you as a Death Midwife, please click here!