Death Doulas In the News – Laura Interviewed by Broadly.Vice

Broadly.Vice featured an interview with Momdoulary Death Doula Training at Momdoulary, LLC, today. If you’ve ever wondered whether you should train as a death doula, or what it is like to work as a death doula, you should definitely check it out!

Meet the Death Doula Who Helps People Deal with the ‘Bookends of Life’


DEC 23 2016 5:27 PM
Increasingly, people are turning away from institutionalized births and funerals, which some find impersonal and intimidating. Laura Saba is there to help on both sides.
Laura Saba lives her life on call for the universe. As a doula with both a birth practice and a death practice, Saba spends her days at bedsides, bringing life into the world and ushering life out of it. She floats between beginnings and endings, an emissary and a guide through events that represent the fault lines of human existence.

“Birth and death are what give shape to our lives,” Saba told me during a phone interview. “They are the bookends. If we don’t acknowledge the opening and the closing, our story feels disconnected in between.”