July 11, 2016


Senior woman getting advice

          Train for a New Career in Under a Year!

The most unique training & certification program of its kind, Momdoulary Method Online Death Doula Training & Certification Program focuses on preparing Ambassadors of Change to help shift the way we greet the final stages of life as well as death.  If you believe you can help change the world, one individual and one family at a time, contact us today!

Successfully completing the Momdoulary Death Doula Training and Certification requirements will provide the bedrock of skills to help support people at one of the most difficult moments in their lives. You can also combine this training with our Mourning Doula Training & Certification allowing you to maximize your profits and your serviceability! While attaining your Death Doula training & certification you will also be trained in Professional Organizing & Life Coaching Skills, tools your clients may call upon you for once they’ve made their choices and plans, to help them organize their lives as they implement their choices.  Quite often, having taken a look at “the end” frees people to make tremendous positive changes in our lives.  With this multiple certification program, you will be prepared to not only support them in their planning, but whatever next steps they want to take in their lives as well.

You will be able to do ALL of the following:

  • Work as a Death Doula
  • Work as a Life Coach
  • Work as a Professional Organizer
  • If you add on the Mourning Doula training, you will also be qualified to work as a Mourning Doula

Death Doula training could be the key to a rewarding and flexible career that helps you feel more connected to both your work and your community. Combine any or all of the skills you have to provide service and earn a living in a variety of combinations, allowing for maximum earning potential, as well as expansive ways in which to serve those who turn to you.

In addition to your training, you will receive key tools to help you to start your business:

Digital file containing useful documents for running your business: Client record forms; case documentation forms; flyers for use in your business; brochures; and handouts for clients. Just add your name and contact info, and print what you need, when you need it. Delivered to all graduates upon successful completion of certification. Access to a six week on-line business development training course in addition to your regular training (free for now, normally a $350 value)


  • Training covering basic Death Doula, Life Coaching, and Professional Organizing Skills
  • Introduction to important steps toward outlining one’s end-of-life care, such as DNR orders, power of attorney, advanced directives, living wills, and more
  • Overview of conflict prevention & resolution skills, conversation starters for sharing plans about difficult topics, and useful tools
  • Understanding of burial, natural burial, direct burial, home burial, cremation, direct cremation, alkaline hydrolysis, and other alternative options
  • History of modern funeral industry
  • Ethics, standard of practice, and more
  • Memorial options
  • The Funeral Rule
  • Understanding grief
  • Researching & understanding your local rules, laws, options, and implied rules
  • Exploration of rites and rituals surrounding death and the funeral industry, including cultural awareness
  • Ergonomics & Body Mechanics for the doula professional (to take care of yourself while caring for others)
  • Food Handler safety (connection to external online program)
  • Understanding add-ons and options (flowers, caskets, urns, and more)
  • Basics of Self-Care in the Grieving Period
  • Scheduling & lifestyle management for doulas
  • Understanding & Utilizing the Coaching Model
  • Boundary setting for coaches & doulas
  • Professional Organizing Basics
  • And much more!

** Cerfigying exam must be passed with a minimum grade of 70%. Upon completion of training and mentorship requirements, you are eligible to submit a Certification Packet to Momdoulary Method, LLC.

TO BECOME A MOMDOULARY METHOD, LLC CERTIFIED DEATH DOULA, ORGANIZER & COACH you must meet ALL Certification Packet Requirements including:

  • Successful completion of training program
  • Proof of completion of Food Handler Class/passed exam
  • Good reviews from clients representing 3 cases along with submission of signed release forms for each client
  • Positive review form from 2 coaching experience clients
  • Submission of resource catalog
  • Submitted signed Doula’s Promise
  • Submission of signed Standard of Practice Statement & Code of Ethics
  • Demonstration of Momdoulary Method Membership in good standing
  • Signed licensing agreement and terms of service agreement, and submission of annual licensing and certification fee ($109 currently) –


Biennial re-certification requires the following:

  • Additional training (on-line class, included with re-certification fee).
  • Maintaining good standing of Momdoulary Method Membership
  • In alternate years, submission of 2 client reviews and release forms
  • Submission of case notes for those 2 clients
  • Signed licensing agreement and terms of service agreement plus current recertification fees (including class, exam, processing and license fee) is $129 biennially

AT THIS TIME THE MODIFIED 5-in-1 DEATH DOULA TRAINING IS $1550, with a $150 discount if registered and paid in full during early registration period. Part-way through training most students are cleared to begin working as coaches and professional organizers, so long as they meet any local requirements, enabling them to earn while they learn – and while they have access to class support. A number of students have found they can significantly offset the cost of their training – but how much or little you do is up to you and how many clients you find.