September 26, 2016

Death Doula Training Options – Overview

We’ve Several Death Doula & Mourning Doula Training Options – Whose Ready To Explore?


Check out a quick overview of program options below, but make sure to check out our Virtual Interview, too, a Q&A process to discern which option best meets your needs.

First, know the “Why?” of your training. Folks pursue Death & Mourning Doula Training for a number of reasons, including:

  • To pursue supporting more conscious informed engagement with death and funeral as their primary career role
  • To enhance an existing career in work such as nursing, social work, CNA, hospice, or ecclesiastic
  • For their personal use with family and friends, helping be a better-informed support at times of crisis, while also helping loved ones find more cost-effective solutions
  • For the simple fact of peace-of-mind, knowing they are prepared for their own decisions, and to meet whatever comes their way

Most find that despite the training option they pursue, they are able to offset the cost of training with either a small handful of clients, savings on their own planning process, or savings experienced when they’ve lost a loved one. While money is secondary to the emotional benefit, it is justifiable to express that, if applied, you can nearly always offset your training costs over time, even if you’re not looking to work in this field.

NOTE: As of 2018 I will be dramatically reducing the number of students I train as I will be traveling the world as part of an international educational exchange.

OPTION A: Complete 6-in-1 Death Doula Training Program, Special Edition

This course trains you in 6 certification areas of mastery, providing the greatest level of flexibility in terms of service and support you can offer, as well as in terms of flexibility. The Special Edition contains a number of additional supports beyond the 20 week training, including access to the Six Week Business Quick Start Class, The Life Review Intensive Class, Creating Amazing Info Sessions, and Self-Care for the Care Professional; a number of live phone-based coaching sessions with me, following your training; live webinars during the semester. If you meet all of the requirements, you will receive lifetime certification in the Momdoulary Method of Death Doula Support.

This is great for those who want a nurtured, supported path toward their new career. The indivdualized feedback can feel personal and connected. This is based on the method I use, and what I believe to be the way to truly step up, to commit to this path. If you’re ready to invest in your path. The next training will not be offered until 2020.

OPTION B: Modified 5-in-1 Death Doula Training

This is a 16 week modified version of the Complete 6-in-1 Training. It features one less mastery area, but more importantly, IT ONLY PROVIDES GROUP FEEDBACK, INSTEAD OF THE ONE-ON-ONE FEEDBACK OF THE COMPLETE 6-in-1 Training. I still love this course, it gives you the same material (minus one area of mastery), but without the individualized feedback. It also doesn’t include the phone-based coaching sessions. It does, however, include all of the other goodies, such as the Business Quick Start and Life Review Intensive classes.

If you’re ok working in a mostly self-directed way, with minimal engagement with an instructor, yet still having the ability to engage with other students, and having some level of feedback, this may be the program for you.  If you like a lot of support, the COMPLETE 6-in-1 Training class above would likely be the better option for you.

Next Training: September 28, 2020

OPTION C: Momdoulary Liberty Program. Yes: Free End-Of-Life Doula Training. You read that right.

This is NOT a Certification class, as it is self-directed, and Laura cannot attest to how you utilize the material, only that you met requirements for completing the course offering.  This is a 6 week SELF-DIRECTED class. You will cover enough information to provide very basic end-of-life doula, death vigil, and home funeral support for loved ones, and to dabble a bit to see whether or not you like this industry. It can be a great stepping stone to the other programs.

This class is great for those looking to enhance their understanding, to feel better prepared for their own considerations, and to support loved ones; it could be a good start for those looking to enhance their existing career. AND…if you are looking to get your feet wet, to discern whether or not you can work in this field, well, research your local/regional requirements for work as a death/end-of-life/funeral doula, and see if you have licensing requirements. Many places in the US do not, as of this writing, which means you could try your hand in this field if you so wish. This IS, however, a coaching-based model, so also ensure that there are no local requirements on life-coaching; if so, you may need to eliminate the coaching element when providing service, or find out how to meet your local area requirements for coaching, or ask your attorney whether or not coaching someone regarding death and end-of-life choices would be interpreted as such. We here at Momdoulary/Mourning Doula are not in a position to discern or interpret your local area requirements — there are too many factors in flux in these times for us to keep abreast of them all. What we *can* do is offer you this extraordinary training, at no cost, for your own basic information. How — and if — you use it beyond that, is up to you, and you must do due diligence. We in no way guarantee you can use this training in your area. As of now there are very few areas with restrictions, but some are working to change that, as there is a lot of money lost by major corporations when people have advocacy and support around sensitive life choices, such as we see with Death/End-of-Life, etc. Sorry for all the disclaimer-ese, but it is necessary that we are clear with you here.

We are introducing the free, open-source version of this in October. Please DO NOT call or email us regarding this course; we can only afford to make this option available for free if we don’t need to add administrative support.