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July 5, 2016



laura short hair copyMaster Doula and Life Coach, Laura Saba, founder of our training program for birth, death, and mourning doulas and death midwives, offers a limited number of phone-based coaching sessions each month. You can use these sessions for any of the following (pricing guide follows at bottom):

~ End-of-Life Consideration Coaching: support as you navigate the path to getting your end-of-life considerations and get your documents in order, ranging from Advanced Directives to exploring options such as green and natural burial, funeral and disposition, or readying to inform loved ones of your decisions. (See special package pricing under pricing section below)

~ Life Review Journey: Work with Laura to work through the Life Review process, as you explore the connections across the many chapters of your life story. This powerful process will help you understand your life story in new and unique ways, as you uncover themes and patterns for a fuller comprehension of the cohesion your story possesses, as you ready to write the final chapters. (See special package pricing under pricing section)

~ Post-Miscarriage or Stillbirth Coaching: Our culture fails to address loss through miscarriage and stillbirth as fully as it deserves, and all-too-often many well-intentioned folks make ridiculous statements that hurt more than they help, failing to understand that what has been lost is a life, but also a whole lifetime of dreams you’ve been dreaming, dreams around which you’ve envisioned your future. Such loss can feel crippling, and leave us unsure of how to move forward – I mean, really, where and how do you even start, when the very dream around which you’d been shaping everything ahead has been lost? This is not therapy or counseling, but actual coaching as you work to find your way forward, forging a new path, even as you move through the fog of loss, all while honoring the dream that has been lost. Laura provides coaching with the full understanding that we don’t just forget and “move on,” but rather, we find a new normal, one that can be a well-spring for hope, yet never forgets where you have been, and ever-honors what has been lost, and gained, alike. (see day of coaching or month of coaching pricing options under pricing section)

~ Post-Loss Artifact Management/Professional Organizing: Dealing with the overwhelm of the physical “stuff” left behind once a loved one is gone? Dealing with another’s clutter – be it precious items or accumulated life stuff – can be exhausting! A phone-based Professional Organizing Coaching Session which focuses on post-loss artifact management could be the key to your developing an organized Action Plan, and just what you need to get “un-stuck” at a time when grief or frustration are quite possibly creating a fog of distraction that leads to inaction! Let Laura help you kick-start the process. (see special package pricing under price list below)

~ Death & Mourning Doula Business Coaching or Birth Doula Business Coaching: Love what you do, but  just can’t seem to get your business off the ground, or the place you know it could be? Or perhaps you struggle with the business angles, be it closing the deal, managing schedules, or struggling with branding, marketing, or networking? Or maybe you just can’t get the work/life balance right, or can’t shape boundaries with clients? Or maybe you just feel a bit timid getting out there, just a wee bit shy – or even guilty – about asking for and accepting money for such important work? Whatever it is, let Laura work her magic. (see special packages for business coaching under price list below)


Day of Coaching (Any of the following topics: Life coaching, post-loss coaching, post-miscarriage or stillbirth coaching, death doula calling discernment coaching): Includes: pre-session email assessment, 1 one hour phone-based coaching session, and an email follow-up. $125

Month of Coaching Package (Any of the following topics: life coaching, post-loss coaching, post-miscarriage or stillbirth coaching, death doula calling discernment): Includes: 4 one hour sessions, one pre-session email assessment (prior to first session), and four email follow-ups. $420

End-Of-Life Considerations Coaching Package: Includes pre-session email assessment; 1 one hour coaching session via phone; pdf file of Death Notes Workbook, which includes “workshop in a book” which walks you through assessment of end-of-life documents, talks with family and friends, legal considerations, and allows you to document wishes for funeral and disposition for friends and family to access once you’re gone (note: this pdf is not legally enforceable, but will serve as a convenient reference for family and friends, as well as providing you an extended method through which to explore your considerations); 2 follow-up emails. $160

~ Life Review Journey Package: 
Includes pre-session email assessment; 2 one hour phone based Life Review sessions, and up to 2 emails. $240.

~ Post-Loss Artifact Management/Professional Organizing: 
Includes pre-session email assessment; 1 one hour phone-based coaching session to discern challenges, and outline an Action Plan; includes 3 follow-up email progress updates, followed by 1 thirty minute wrap-up phone call. $200

Death & Mourning Doula/Midwife or Birth Doula Business Coaching Options:

Day of Coaching Option: Want to get un-stuck? Get inspired, and come up with a starting point for an Action Plan to get your business going? Explore branding? Address newsletters, marketing, and social media outreach? Want to explore some tried-and-true ideas that have worked for others? Includes: pre-session email assessment; 1 hour phone-based coaching session; a follow up emails to review what has been covered, with at least 3 goals, a plan to address them, and target dates established. $125.

Month of Coaching Option:
Take your business to the next level with the Month of Coaching Option. With this package you will begin with a pre-session assessment, designed to explore what is and isn’t working for you. In the first phone session, you will identify at least 3 goals to help you either get un-stuck or move forward in your business, and develop an Action Plan, with target dates, to start the path toward achieving them. This is followed by an email outlining the plan. After this first session, you will hold three more one hour phone-based coaching sessions to keep you on target, adjust or expand your Action Plan where practical, and help you move toward your goals, knowing you have the clarity and accountability such a coaching relationship helps create. Month of Coaching Plan: $440.

Laura only books 10 sessions per month at this time, opportunities are very limited. Email with COACHING! in the subject line to inquire about availability.