Coming Soon! Death & Mourning Doula Discernment Book

Coming this Winter, my new book. Will post when available, electronically and hard copies alike, with an audio version coming late summer.


From the back cover:

You feel it, yet again. The draw, the fascination, with death, dying, and mourning. You see an article or video on these topics, and can’t resist clicking. Friends and family tease you about it – or don’t know, lest they think you’ve gone mad. You wonder if you have…or if perhaps you’re being called to something more.

The path to becoming a Death & Mourning Doula – one who serves both the dying as they seek to more powerfully own the last weeks, hours, and moments of their lives, and the mourning as they lay their loved ones to rest – can be confusing and oft-times filled with serendipity. The work itself sounds strange, unexpected, but is rewarding, though intense. Either way, you’re reading this, which itself speaks volumes. So, is this path for you?

Master Birth, Death, and Mourning Doula Laura Saba, founder of Momdoulary’s Death Professional Training at, and Birth Doula and Parent Preparation Coach training at, has taken the content from her popular “Death & Mourning Doula Discernment Workshop,” and turned it into this “workshop in a book.” Interspersed throughout the discernment guidance process are essays and interviews from death doulas Saba has trained, about their own journey through discernment and into the world of the Death & Mourning Doula.

If you suspect you’re being called to this important work, but are still in the discernment phase, this book may be the answer you’re looking for.