Cardboard Coffins

Yes folks, cardboard coffins.  This isn’t some kind of joke, nor is it meant as any kind of insult to the dead.  Don’t think it is necessarily for the poor, either – in fact, the opposite can be true.   Those who are educated and thinking about the end are more increasingly opting for natural, Read more about Cardboard Coffins[…]

Is Exploding Casket Syndrome For Real?

I’ve been asked on a number of occasions if caskets can really explode, or if this is just an urban legend.  Actually – and not so astonishingly when you think about it – it is true. Be forewarned, a somewhat graphic description follows.  If you have a weak stomach, or don’t want to think about Read more about Is Exploding Casket Syndrome For Real?[…]

Lachrymatory or Tear Catcher – Funeral & Grief Artifacts

This is one of those customs that fascinate me, and is one which is so clearly tied to helping one manage their grief.   To me, the lachrymatory seems outright poetic.  Check it out: A Lachrymatory or Tear Catcher / bottle was popular from the 1720s until after the Civil war, and were an important Read more about Lachrymatory or Tear Catcher – Funeral & Grief Artifacts[…]

Is Embalming Necessary?

In the US embalming is rarely legally required.   The purpose of embalming is to slow the process of decomposition, however in many instances refrigeration does just as good a job.    Refrigeration can slow the process by days, whereas the embalming process can slow it by weeks.   Here is some basic info: Embalming Read more about Is Embalming Necessary?[…]

Protecting Yourself During Times of Grief

The death of a loved one brings with it an overwhelming number of decisions – especially if there has been no pre-planning.  The truth is, the majority of people in our culture have not even had the important discussion of what they want done with their remains, leaving a lot of questions and planning on Read more about Protecting Yourself During Times of Grief[…]