Death Doula’s Toolbox: Herbal Education – Hawthorn is for Heartbreak (and more!)

I’m excited that 2017 will see the introduction of my new Herbal Education for Death and Mourning Doulas Program, which will wonderfully supplement our existing death and mourning doula trainings. In support of that initiative, I will be blogging about one herb each month, focusing on both scientific and/or folkloric beliefs about the use of Read more about Death Doula’s Toolbox: Herbal Education – Hawthorn is for Heartbreak (and more!)[…]

The Changing Death Industry: Reconnecting with Tradition

Mortuary science graduates report that building a career as a funeral director has become difficult these days, unless you inherit the role, know someone, or have incredibly good fortune.   Perhaps frustrating, but too, perhaps this heralds a sign for the future of the death industry.  When one path closes to many, others open.  Let’s Read more about The Changing Death Industry: Reconnecting with Tradition[…]

The Conversation You Aren’t Having

Death is a somewhat taboo topic in our society, and this is in many ways unfortunate. Have you had a conversation about death with your loved ones?   If you haven’t done so, it can deeply impact your final days, cause you and your loved ones a lot of grief, and cost your estate a Read more about The Conversation You Aren’t Having[…]

Is Embalming Necessary?

In the US embalming is rarely legally required.   The purpose of embalming is to slow the process of decomposition, however in many instances refrigeration does just as good a job.    Refrigeration can slow the process by days, whereas the embalming process can slow it by weeks.   Here is some basic info: Embalming Read more about Is Embalming Necessary?[…]