Is Cremation Better?

Many people operate under the assumption that cremation is better.  The reasons they usually cite don’t seem to be so much about spiritual reasons, unless they practice certain Eastern religions, but rather typically include: It is natural, and better for the environment It is less expensive We are running out of land Decomposition is bad Read more about Is Cremation Better?[…]

Death Doula Diary…Working with Harry & Alice*

I met with Harry* and Alice* (all names and identifying details have been changed).   They are a lovely couple who are expecting their first child.   This change in their family life moved them to want to be more prepared for the inevitable, even if it is (hopefully!) a very long time off.  Impending Read more about Death Doula Diary…Working with Harry & Alice*[…]

Is Embalming Necessary?

In the US embalming is rarely legally required.   The purpose of embalming is to slow the process of decomposition, however in many instances refrigeration does just as good a job.    Refrigeration can slow the process by days, whereas the embalming process can slow it by weeks.   Here is some basic info: Embalming Read more about Is Embalming Necessary?[…]

Protecting Yourself During Times of Grief

The death of a loved one brings with it an overwhelming number of decisions – especially if there has been no pre-planning.  The truth is, the majority of people in our culture have not even had the important discussion of what they want done with their remains, leaving a lot of questions and planning on Read more about Protecting Yourself During Times of Grief[…]