Comedian Billy Connolly Plans Interactive Burial Plot

Comedian Billy Connolly plans an interactive burial plot, where a recording will be triggered when someone steps on a sensor.  Talk about re-framing how we look at death! I love his positivity as he faces mortality.   Click here to read more.

Shanghai Funeral Parlor Offers Beauty Services for the Dead

 Inspired by the film “Departures,” the Shanghai Baoxing Funeral Parlor now offers bathing, hair-washing, dressing, and spa treatment for the bodies of the departed.  They even include a manicure.  The service began in October and runs from 800-2,500 yuan.  Check out the full article and more pictures here.  

Timeless Urn Idea

One fella came up with a particularly clever way to hold his grandmother’s cremated remains:  A DIY hourglass, as depicted above.   If you follow this link, you will find a step-by-step image guide on imgur.   This is definitely one of the most clever urns I’ve seen yet.  Kudos!