July 5, 2016

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NOTE: If you are an educator or institution interested in offering death and mourning doula training, we do offer the opportunity to bring our training to your institution – email us at momdoulary@gmail.com for more information. Do know that enrollees are required to sign an Enrollment Agreement that contains extensive non-disclosure/non-compete agreements, which prevent them from sharing or offering a similar training or certification program for doulas – as you can well understand, we protect our intellectual property!

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  • by submitting this application I am acknowledging all of the following: 1. I am not an employee of a Momdoulary. 2. I will be responsible for internet connectivity, telephone connectivity, and computer access on my side. 3. I will participate in mandatory orientation activities and classroom participation. 4. I understand that Momdoulary does not provide any type of insurance and that it is recommended I obtain doula, coach, and organizer insurance for the duration of the training. 5. I understand Momdoulary cannot guarantee a set income or employability - this is a skills training program, but I am responsible for creating my own work environment and circumstances. 6. I understand that Momdoulary is a Limited Liability Company PLEASE READ CAREFULLY AND SIGN THAT YOU UNDERSTAND AND ACCEPT THIS INFORMATION. I certify that the information on this application and its supporting documents is accurate and complete. I understand and agree that failure to fully complete the form, or misrepresentation or omission of facts, represents grounds for elimination from consideration if discovered at a later date. I authorize Momdoulary to investigate, without liability, all statements contained in this application and supporting materials. I authorize references to make full response to any inquiries in connection with this application. I understand tuition is non-refundable. Type "YES" below to acknowledge this
  • Price: $ 3,150.00
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NOTE: If you see a button requesting payment details after hitting the button to submit your application, just skip entering payment details unless you have been admitted into the program prior; all others will be sent the Enrollment Agreement and Invoice only *after* receiving acceptance into the program