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Incredible humans find their way here, folks who look at our current cultural engagement with death and mourning, and know we can do better. Those who train with us are committed to creating more conscious, informed engagement with death and mourning; they work with the dying, and with their loved ones. Please take time to explore our site, to read, listen to podcasts, explore our blog. Whether you train with us, or simply begin to ponder the important questions about our modern engagement with death and mourning, we believe you’ll find your time here well-spent. Thank you for caring, for asking the questions that matter. That is how great change begins.

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Death, Mourning and the Value of Freedom

Thoughts on the Death Doula Life, and the values that shape it.

Freedom and personal liberty are values I treasure, and never take for granted. My passion and commitment for these gifts infuse all I do, including my choice to work as a birth, death, and mourning doula, as well as my choice to train others to do so.

One cannot be free to make important decisions if one isn’t fully informed. One cannot be fully informed if they are too unwell, overwhelmed, or wrapped in grief to ask the necessary questions. In today’s world, even on our best day it can be hard to know which questions to ask. I support people as they discern which questions and considerations they need to address, so they can be free to make truly conscious decisions.

Some folks mistakenly think doulas provide - or give an opinion on - clinical care. Nothing could be further from the truth. Rather, I provide informational, physical, and emotional support, creating and holding the space for the dying and their loved ones to feel supported as they make the best choices possible. I’ve no opinion to contribute, my job is to support them on their journey.

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